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Whit Audi with special number plate


At Sheffield Auto FX we are proud to be able to create specialist number plates that can give your car the wow factor, while still ensuring your vehicle is road legal! Get in touch to find out more.

A huge range of road legal number plates

In the UK most vehicle number plates tend to look the same, and are issued with a standard design, but did you know that you can legally update your number plates to improve the look of your vehicle?

At Sheffield Auto FX, we offer a huge range of number plates that you can upgrade too. From 3D gel number plates to 4D acrylic plates, and even specialist Land Rover and Range Rover number plates, we can do it all! Talk to our team today about upgrading your number plate and find something to suit your stand-our style!

Choose your perfect plate now!

  • 3D gel plates

  • 4D acrylic plates

  • 5D gel plates

  • Show plates

  • Metal press plates

  • Standard size bike plates

  • Land Rover & Range Rover plates

  • Standard plastic plates

Custom number plates with fixings too

We are car enthusiasts just like you and won't fall short when it comes to service and style. Once you have chosen your new number plate style, we ensure it securely fixed to your vehicle. We offer information and advice about keeping your car (and number plate) road legal and our other services include:


Upgrade how your number plate looks and stand out with 3D and 4D design from Sheffield Auto FX

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To order your number plate online, you must provide documents that confirm your name and address, and at least one document that shows you are allowed to display the new registrations number. Details of the documents we can accept can be found here:

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